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Sorion Electronics is a key facilities and test equipment supplier to the automotive, manufacturing and aerospace industries.

Founded in 1990 and with equipment installed and operated by major OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers around the globe, Sorion Electronics has an established reputation for innovation, quality and reliability.

Besides our expert know-how in designing, building and supplying bespoke and “off the shelf” guided assembly process control and electro-mechanical test equipment, we also offer electronic product design and development.

Sorion’s IT infrastructure has been carefully structured to allow remote support of customers’ facilities and for example Sorion is currently contracted to a number of OEM and Tier 1 suppliers for the delivery of 7 x 24 hours support.

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Services Sorion Electronics Ltd Provide

Bespoke and ‘off the shelf’ guided assembly process control and electro-mechanical test equipment for the automotive, manufacturing and aerospace industries

End of Line Testing

Sorion has many years of experience in the development of Electrical Test Systems that are used in the testing of automotive sub-assemblies and non-automotive products.

Guided Assembly

Sorion’s Guided Assembly Solutions have been designed to maximise quality and prevent mistakes in manual parts picking and assembly tasks.

Quality and Traceability Reporting

Orion™ QTR (Quality & Traceability Reporting) is a powerful storage and reporting system specifically designed for deployment within the automotive and manufacturing industries.

Electronic Product Design

Electronics product design and development, printed circuit board design and embedded firmware design and coding.

Ruggedised Connectors

Sorion's ruggedised connectors are ergonomically designed with functionality and durability of paramount consideration to survive the harsh environment of the vehicle assembly shop.

Customer Support

Sorion’s equipment has an exceptional reputation for reliability, backed by the support of our responsive technicians. We offer various levels of service, including comprehensive 24/7 support contracts.

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  • November 2016
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  • 1990
  • £3,000,000

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