Case study - Sorion end of line test stations at IAC’s new cockpit manufacturing facility at Halewood

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We are proud to be working with IAC to improve product quality and traceability. The project involved designing, building and installing 2 online electrical test stations and 1 offline rework station for IAC’s new cockpit manufacturing facility at Halewood, Liverpool.

IAC Halewood features an extremely flexible cockpit just-in-time (JIT) assembly line for several vehicle models, substituting a fixed carousel with 42 Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). The AGVs enable mass customisation and can assemble up to 4 million variants on one production line that can be easily reconfigured by re-taping magnetic guidance stripes on the shop floor.

The primary requirement for the electrical test stations is to test the cockpits for connectivity and part number traceability in order to detect any connections which have been missed during the assembly process.

After a thorough requirements capture exercise Sorion designed a system based on their established electrical test technologies, with proven reliability in hundreds of installations within the automotive industry around the world.

The equipment was designed to allow maintenance, upgrade and modifications to be easily obtainable and comes with excellent support packages.

IAC required the solution to be fully integrated with other plant-wide systems and fixtures. The installed systems had to be robust and reliable to allow for 24/7 operation testing 45 cockpits per hour.

Collection and storage of detailed test result information was also part of the brief.


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