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The Sorion team will return to the NEC in October for Advanced Engineering 2019, the UK’s largest advanced manufacturing trade show.

Visitors at the show will be able to see a demonstration of Sorion’s process control and traceability solution using live data from a range of integrated devices, such as Pick to Light, DC tools, vision systems.

At the heart of the system is Sorion’ Sextans process control application. Designed for use in the production environment, Sextans helps improve production efficiency through a system of visual and intuitive work, ensuring the quality and traceability of finished products. The PC based system can be scaled from a standalone station to a factory-wide solution.

Sextans automatically verifies the quality of each step in the production process so defective parts are not passed on to the next stage.

Data for each completed step (such as shift, time, build no, component serial numbers, measured values and visual inspection data) is recorded in the Orion™ database. This data is identified against a unique ID, allowing to retrieve each unit’s complete history with a scan of a barcode.

Once in the Orion™ database, this data is turned into actionable insights as the basis for continuous improvement.

New products for 2019

Sorion’s Smart Manufacturing solutions continue to grow and evolve, with new products continually being added to their portfolio.

A new product introduced at Advanced Engineering is Orion-EMA (Equipment Monitoring and Availability) which enables direct equipment monitoring and performance management.

Also, the team is currently developing a control application for Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs).

Visit the Sorion team on stand C29 at Advanced Engineering to find out more. Register for your pass here.

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