Sorion Electronics are Backing Britain's manufacturers with software-based solutions

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Manufacturers are facing increasing competition on a global scale and are under permanent pressure to deliver a quality assured product, on time and on budget. One Made in Group member is spearing the meaning behind Backing Britain by supporting manufacturers with a system that helps to guide operators to assemble a product.

The Guided Assembly System developed by Sorion Electronics has been designed to maximise quality and prevent mistakes in manual parts picking and assembly tasks. At the heart of the system is Sorion’s Sextans process control software, which makes multi-variant assembly tasks significantly easier thanks to interactive step-by-step work instructions.

The system helps reduce errors and improve quality by ensuring that the appropriate processes are performed in the correct sequence on the right parts. Using the system, clients can detect errors as they occur in production before they become bigger issues down the line.

Speaking to Steve Hayes, Commercial Director at Sorion, “We also integrate with factory equipment, DC tools, pick to light systems, test equipment to reduce human error and increase quality. Our systems capture data from operators and machines so clients can prove that all components meet specification and easily create quality reports.”

Process data from each operation is stored in the Orion database, where it becomes accessible as part of a consolidated birth history record for each assembly on the line.

This is mandatory in the automotive and aerospace industries to meet regulatory requirements.

Sorion has installed guided assembly stations across the country including at Grupo Antolin, KAB Seating, and at fellow Made in the Midlands member Gardner Denver. For Gardner Denver, this installation allowed them to achieve an IATF (International Automotive Task Force) 16949 certification.

You can read more about the product, including a video demonstration on the Sorion website. The company will be attending the Backing Britain Live 2020 Exhibition, where they’ll be talking more about the system and its range of supporting products.

Join our virtual festival - Backing Britain Live 2020  from 17th-28th August to visit Sorion's virtual booth. Click here to find out more and get your tickets.


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